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Welcome to the 12 Days of Dragonrider!

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Days of Streams

From December 13th - December 24th I'll be live streaming every day on my twitch channel!


Classes SMOrcing

I'll be making an aggro deck for all 11 Hearthstone classes and playing them because I love aggro decks!

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Types of Minions BATTLEGROUNDS! And Spells in Season 6 are fun, especially after casting the Super Girl Gamer Pro Battlegrounds tournament from December 8th-10th


Card Game Tier Lists

During some of my 12 days of streams, I'll be creating some card game tier lists!

1) Best HS card backs
2) Most free to play card game
3) Easiest to learn card game
4) Best artwork card game
5) Best HS keywords
6) Best color/class of card games
7) Most variety of ways to play
8) Best Dragons
9) Most fun HS expansion



Placements Prizing


Courtesy of Blizzard, I'll have Standard Packs for Top 8 of a Tournament I'll be hosting and casting on my twitch channel on Dec 23rd! Use the link here to sign up.

  • Standard, Americas server

  • Bring 2 decks, get a win with each to win

  • Single Elimination bracket

  • Each deck must have 10 total (singles/duplicates or a mix) of cards that have the word "give" in the textbox. It's the season of giving, after all!

  • Because the holidays can be so expensive, each deck can only have ONE legendary in it!


Neutral Dragons

Standard Hearthstone currently has 7 Neutral LEGENDARY Dragons, and I'll be making/playing some decks that use ALL 7 in the same deck, because DRAGONS!



Doggie Stockings

One of the streams will be a "dog/animal themed" stream in which we'll be doing various things for animals, including putting together the stockings for my 6 dogs!


Gaming Co-Ops

Other members of Amber Flight Gaming and potentially a few others outside of AFG will be joining me for some fun co-ops!

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Crockpot Meals

I love crockpot/slow cooker meals because they are so easy and nice to have in colder weather. But of course I want to tie them to a card game theme, so I'll have 4 meals:

  • Budget - using cheap ingredients!

  • Aggro - all ingredients will be FAST and easy to add

  • Midrange - easy to swap/replace ingredients recipe

  • Control - a more involved or expensive meal


Card Game Giveaways

I'll have some giveaways for 3 different card games! Check out the streams for how to enter the giveaways

  • Hearthstone

  • Disney Lorcana

  • SolForge Fusion

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Years of Dog Treats

One of the streams will be a "dog/animal themed" stream in which we'll be doing various things for animals, including making homemade dog treats. Some for my own dogs, some as gifts for family/friends dogs, and also some that I'll be donating to my local shelter as I did last year!

I'll have 3 different easy to make recipes with a bit of variety (one won't use dairy, they'll be different flavors, etc) that YOU can use too! If you want to also make some to donate to local shelters, I recommend calling and verifying that they accept homemade treats. This is also a great time to donate other items/monetary donations to animal shelters if you're able to!



I'll be making an announcement regarding the future of my content and what's to come! I've been working on fleshing it out all over the last TWO MONTHS, so I'm very excited to share it all with you.

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