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I've been podcasting since 2019, with various guest spots on podcasts since 2016! Check out what podcasts I do on a regular basis, and stay tuned for special guest appearances posted here as well.

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Doctor 3 HS

Welcome to Doctor 3 a hearthstone podcast dedicated to giving you explosive growth in climbing the standard ranked ladder!

Dragonrider, AlkalineKat and Smarms form a 3-host team of a "pro," a "veteran," and a learner to give you insight from various levels of play and skill.

Each week includes results from the previous week's poll question, news, and a main topic geared at diving in depth into topics from around the Hearth. Each show closes with a new poll question for viewers to answer!

TCCG Roundtable

Welcome to The TCCG Roundtable, where many different card games and players have a seat at the table.

Dragonrider and RonMexico come together each week to chat about card games and the large variety that cards bring with them.

Each week includes a "Term of the Week" to help guide newer players and long-time card players alike, along with both a breakdown of news and competitive/organized play for various card games. The Roundtable Topic of each week varies between interviewing guests, deeper analysis of news or competition, learning rules or gameplay of new card games, and more!

Each episode is streamed LIVE via YouTube (and twitch) and also published to audio-only platforms. Enjoy the show!

On Air Sign

- Guest Podcast Appearances -

Bread N Butter Hearthstone Ep 128

June 2023

Citizens of Lorcana Ep 29

Jun 2023

Bread N Butter Hearthstone Ep 16

Mar 2023

Bread N Butter Hearthstone Ep 11

Doctor 3 Crossover

Jan 2023

Bread N Butter Hearthstone Ep 9

Dec 2022

Bread N Butter Hearthstone Ep 6

Oct 2022

Blizzlet Ep. 257

Aug 2022

Coin Concede Ep 347

Jun 2022

Born to Be Wild Ep 51

Mar 2021

Realm Maintenance Ep 305

May 2020

Blizzlet Ep 107

Aug 2019

Hero Power Ep 170

Mar 2019

Coin Concede Ep 163

Nov 2018

Many more that are no longer available or can't be found

- Previous Podcasts No Longer Airing-


Bob's Tavern Cast

Spirit Healer: A Hearthstone

Mercenaries Podcast

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